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About us

The family behind Green Leafs Plants, have always been close to nature, with a love for flora and fauna passed on across generations. As a cherished dinnertime story goes, founder and CEO, once rescued two leopard pups from a forest fire and raised them before releasing them back in the wild. The idea for Green Leafs Plants was born when our founder needed easy access to a wide range of plants to grow his garden further, beyond what was offered by local nurseries.
Green Leafs Plants was launched in the monsoons of 2015. We wanted urbanites to rediscover nature and use it as a means for healthier living – cleaner air, less stress, organic food and a much more fulfilling life. We are doing this by making available a wide range of gardening products, know-how and services at your doorstep. Growing plants need not be difficult, and we are always there to help you select and nurture your greens.

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